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everythings alright

Hi hi.  I've got so much time right now, because I'm basically bed ridden after a laparoscopic surgery to remove endometriosis; so I was looking through my photos and saw I had these I'd never posted!
I'm a little uneasy about posting these pictures because I ended up having to return the skirt.  I reallllly wanted to love it, but the fabric was just too weird and rumply and even after ironing it still wouldn't hold the right shape.  My husband said, "It's cute but is it supposed to be that bulky and frumpy around the waist?" - anyways, it went back but I'd taken these pictures one day after doing etsy shots because I hadn't worn my Jeffreys in so long, and this seemed a good time to dust them off and feel 25 again.

{sweater:h&m; skirt: ASTR; boots: Jeffrey Campbell; bag: vintage Coach; beanie: hand me down}


Holiday Party Makeup Tutorial + new in store

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Plum & Purple Smokey Eye Holiday Party Look + new in store!  

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fall colors + pink

pink and yellow...
its like a strawberry lemonade, or a yellow cake with cherry frosting, or a strawberry banana something yum.  anyways, fun colors for a day off.


Ten Minute Makeup//Smokey Eye//Natural

Hellooooo! I am somewhat embarrassed but equally excited to show you this makeup tutorial I made for youtube! I am shy and awkward so this is a big step. I just thought it'd be fun, and it was!-but I still have lots to learn about making videos, so please forgive the mediocre quality. Anyways, I want to make more, but here's my first run at it! Actually I made one a few years ago here! At least I'm improving, right? 


diy pet bed

hi guys!  I do a lot of DIYs around the house but, because I work full time, I usually end up doing them at night and therefore, taking photos of the process just doesn't do it justice...even this one, I did at night so the quality is terrible, but you can at least get the idea.

What you'll need:
-a box (this one is from Costco)
-paint ($1-2)
-foam measured to fit the bed of the box (Joann Fabrics $6)
-safety pins (I just pinned the fabric to the foam on the underneath side...I'm pretty lazy and just want to get to the finish LOL)
-fabric (I'd painted this one in a previous DIY you can see here - $3)
-paint samples (Lowes-free!...I also have a shape cutter outer thing leftover from our wedding so I used that to make her name banner)
-small pillows (the deer one is from my sister and the blue one I sewed real quick)

First, I'll introduce you to the little muffin, DAISY!

We can't even believe how cute and sweet she is.  Never thought I'd fall for a dog that's part Chihuahua but this little girl just needed us and we needed her.  She's been a total ham and a great addition to our family, even though at times we are both too exhausted to even move.

She doesn't sleep in it as much as I'd like, mostly because our Lab/Great Dane mix Auggie has a giant dog bed that's already broken in and stinky that she prefers.  She thinks she's as big as him, it's pretty hysterical.

there it is!  Quick and easy, and a total of around $11!


a mess of my fav fall 2014 trends // fashion + home + beauty

I am super excited for Fall...actually, no, I'm not ready for Summer to be over, but Fall is my second favorite season, so in an effort to stay positive when the days get shorter and going outdoors quickly becomes borderline painful, I'm posting some happy things that come with the weather change!  These trends are all over the place.  Dark and floral, sporty and casual, then bright and linear...If there's one thing I am, it's all over the place.  


(dolce and gabbana fall/winter fairy tale)


I die for the Narciso Rodriguez musc for her.  It's been my favorite for almost 7 years now, but I don't wear it much in the warmer months.  It's musky and floral and deep and sexy.  It's perfect.  The new Tom Ford Velvet Orchid is lovely too.  Maybe I'll try mixing them?  
I also LOVE this Laura Mercier Creme Smooth lipstick in Sienna.  In person it looks a bit intimidating, but try it on!  It's such a perfect Fall stained wine sort of red.  


For me, the home decor needs to stay cheery and bright for the most part, since the weather gets so yucky after the colors change and winter takes over.  I need to come home to light bright and inspiration.  These products can be found at Wallabuy and Beneath the Sun.  

Happy Monday everyone!
Thanks for reading :)


first wedding anniversary + the first year of marriage

hello :)
well, we made it!  
one year.
at times it was a breeze, but at times i didn't know if we'd make it.
no relationship is easy, or as perfect as it might look on the outside...i think that's hard to accept with how much social media has taken over and how easy it is to make your life look fun and beautiful and full.  
everyday you're in a relationship, especially a marriage, you are making a decision to be committed and to love.  and to give some things up.  it's hard sometimes to know when to allow yourself space and when to give your partner space.  it's hard to "pick your battles".  it's hard to live with someone who is so SO different (largely just because he's male).  it takes letting go of things, control.  it takes being very patient and forgiving.  it takes going through difficult times together, to build a bond that's solid.
but the rewards, and the struggles are what makes life meaningful.
we have a LOT to figure out, but the less we take life so seriously, the less stressful things become. 
easier said than done.
Happy Anniversary Mark :)

{bag: topshop via nordstrom; overalls: brandy melville, cardigan: thrifted; boots: sam edelman}


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