bedroom tour.

Spring cleaning means light and bright and fresh :)  After I made the bed this morning, I decided snapping a few photos was just the right thing to do, to capture the morning light and the clean room before it's messed up again.  I've been eyeing some luxury bedding over at Parachute Home, and when I'm ready for new sheets, I plan on supporting them.  They're products are made in Italy and committed to comfort, affordability and quality.  Those just may be the 3 most important factors a retailer can have.  

As far as our bedroom goes, there are a few things I especially love.  First and foremost, the Juliet Balcony...this is the number one reason we chose this house.  The photos do not do justice, but since it's not quite warm out yet, I wasn't up for cleaning all the dust and needles off of it and taking decent photos...mornings just aren't my most energetic part of the day.  

I also really love the glass table with gold triangle legs.  Found that baby on craigslist for like $40?!!?!?  A guy had made it and didn't want it.  Crazy.  I also can't get enough of the little side tables.  The tapered legs and the dark wood add the right depth and texture to contrast against all of the white.  
Anyways, lets let the tour commence!!


more makeup for busy and simple women!

Don't laugh at my dorky voice and terrible hair, I am not good at being on camera!!!  Makeup is just so fun though, I am totally addicted to everything about it.  I love me some Laura Mercier :)


Tutorial! Natural Everyday Contouring with Laura Mercier & Bobbi Brown

Here I am showing you how to do semi-heavy duty contouring that actually looks natural.  As a makeup artist, lots of women want to be contoured like Kim Kardashian...I hesitantly agree, Kim's makeup looks beautiful...on TV, but in person, that much contouring can look very..."off".  Not that I've seen her in person obviously, but girls that do the same look and parts of their skin looks grey or ashy and parts look hyper tan and just "off".  Even in this tutorial, there are times that the makeup looks a bit yellow or orange, but once blended and seen in natural light, it looked subtle.  Like this:

Anyways, thanks for coming by!!


January in the PNW + a fantastic new food spot!

 Well, January life in the PNW is cold, for sure, but this day wasn't bad.  Sunny and only a little breezy, which made it possible for us to get outside, take some photos, and not have to shiver and wipe our noses every 5 seconds.  We walked around Kendall Yards and heard about a new restaurant nearby called the Backyard.  All Mark needed to hear was that they had a Cuban Pork sandwich and he was practically salivating. 

 ----T H E  B A C K Y A R D----

Not only is this spot well decorated, clean and inviting, but the food and service were A+.  We got the Poutine to start, and then split the Cuban with a spinach salad as our side.  We are fairly critical and tough to impress when it comes to food, but everything was so so good, and just the right amount of food.  REALLLLY hoping this place makes it in Spokane's tough local business world.  Go there :)


always a little late to the game.

as in, I'm way late to getting these posted and we were way late to getting to Green Bluff for the Fall festivities.  Pumpkin & apple picking, corn mazes, pumpkin donut eating...
but we did still manage to get a basketful of peppers and some colorful photos.


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