spring styles added to the shop!

Hi loveys!  Just added a few of these but will be adding the rest tonight, promise!

Check them out here! :)

Here's a fun song while you preview.


italian vacation // honeymoon

YES, it's happening, in just a few short weeks!  I've been a few times already but it's been years and I'm old enough now to appreciate it that much more.  Strangely enough (insert sarcastic yet playful tone), in my planning, I've found myself doing some online...browsing.
(I've only done a teeny bit of actual shopping).

There are things you can buy there, of course, but there are things you need to take with you and have from day one, and here are some of those things.

Comfortable Footwear.
if you're anything like me, which you probably are if you're reading this, comfortable footwear doesn't mean a pair of Crocs.  I think it is definitely possible to be comfortable and cute, but maybe at more of a cost than a pair of Crocs or Sketchers.  No offense. 

Here are my faves

I did buy the 3rd pair, just because I couldn't resist any longer.  I'm so glad I did; they are perfect.  I can't say yet if they're going to be comfortable for day long walking, but so far I'm in love with them.
These are all available at Nordstrom.
1.  Born
2.  MTNG
3. Saucony

Another thing to bring is a backpack!  
Ideally, you want one that zips closed, just because of the petty crime there, but as long as you're careful, I think you could take anything you like.

Like these!

Again, available at Nordstrom (and/or Topshop and/or anywhere that carries D&B).
I always check Nordstrom first because it's where I work and I do appreciate my employee discount.  I mean...
1.  Topshop
2.  Topshop
3.  Topshop
4. Dooney & Burke

Well, I better stop blogging and get back to "watching hockey" with my husband...I hope I can have the remote real soon.


some life//insta style

hi from me. 
i'm drinking a dos equis and getting ready to change into jam jams but I thought a quick insta post would be fun...
although i need a new collage program though.  ribbets just not cuttin it anymore.  suggestions?

ps. i turned 33 yesterday.  i feel like i'm starting to understand more about life and that less is more and that letting go of control and other things is real good.


not the first one//not the last one

Well hi!
It's still seriously frustratingly cold here in Warshington.  UGH.  I am making the most of it by wearing heavy sweaters and boots because I know I'm going to miss it real soon and will be struggling to wear summer clothes in my pasty white skin.  
Lately I've been working a ton, and trying to take better care of myself...I am nervous about getting on a plane to Italy this summer -  don't get me wrong, I'm seriously excited but as I've gotten older (turning 33 next WEEK!?!??!) I've grown a bit more terrified of planes, enclosed spaces, and just life in general.  It's not so fun...I know I'm not alone though and there are lots of us out there who struggle with anxiety.  
I've found walking and fresh air are pretty much the best way to get out of my head sometimes.

Here is my song for this post.

sweater: freepeople
pants: americaneagle
top: forever21
boots: kennethcole
bag: thrifted


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